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Field Service Request

Field Service Request

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Part 1(to be completed by the originator of Request)
PRIORITY: Level 1 - Breakdown (Immediate Response Req'd)
                    Ships UPS Red or Equiv.
Level 2 - Start-up/Consarc Rep on Site (Immediate Response Req'd)
                    Ships UPS Blue or Equiv.
Level 3 - Standard (Response Req'd Within 5 Working Days)                     Ships UPS Ground or Equiv.
Customer:    Contract #:  (Example: 24700)
Please Check Code: NC 1    Parts Needed by Service
NC 2   Parts Damaged by Service
NC 3   Parts Omitted/Incorrectly Entered by Sales
NC 4   Parts Not Released or Incorrectly Released by Engineering
NC 5   Correct Parts Released; Incorrect Parts Supplied/Parts Missing
NC 6   Parts Lost/Damaged in Transit
NC 7   Warranty replacement - International
NC 8   Non-Repairable Customer Property
NC 9   Consignment (including show equipment)
NC 10   Sales Discretion
NC 11   Other 
Item # Qty Part # Description Costs DFR?
Add Line

Part II

Special Instructions:
Requestor: Date:
Phone: Fax: